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Professional writing, web content, proofreading, and editing.

Just ask.


The price of each job will be different. To come up with an agreeable price for both of us, I will give you a quote to approve. Factored into the quote are:

- Word count,

- type of writing or editing,

- and the amount of time you want to spend on Skype.

For editing, I may request a section of the manuscript so I can give you a reasonable quote based on the state of the text. If you know what you'd like, please visit the Contact page or send me an email asking for a quote. If you're uncertain, read the information below and feel free to be in touch anyway. I can work with you on price. We'll figure it out.



Your quote will be divided into sections, based on how much time we will spend working together and the number of words. The base rate for web content, such as an About or Services page, is €1.00 per word. For other kinds of writing, the rate will be higher. If I know nothing about you, your company, or the topic and we need to consult over the phone, one hour is included. Depending on your needs, the quote may include additional time at my hourly rate. Everything will be presented up front and we will always discuss additional time and rates before you incur additional costs.


Editing or Proofreading

For shorter jobs, such as papers, web content, or grant proposals, the quote will be based primarily on word count, with additional charges for time to meet and difficult or specialist subjects. Depending on the depth of the edit, additional charges may also be added to the quote. The base rate is €1.00 per word. Different kinds of editing may take more or less time and the quote will also reflect the amount of time I expect to spend on a given job. 

For longer editing and proofreading jobs, quotes are separated into three tiers. Each tier adds additional services to the previous tier. If you'd like, I can send quotes for each tier so you know what you can get for a range of prices. The tiers are called Basic, In-Depth Read-Through, and Critique.

Basic includes:

- One read-through and line edit for grammar, punctuation, double words, and word use and spelling errors (as in when your spell checker accepts 'you' when you meant 'your').

- Some clarity editing. Nothing major, but if there's something that doesn't make sense or could be fleshed out (or cut out) I'll point it out. Making sure that timing and setting add up.

- Email back-and-forth and about 1hr of meeting time.

An In-Depth Read-Through includes the above and, when appropriate:

- Style questions, recommendations, and commentary, including talking about the way you use punctuation, vocabulary, pronouns, and adverbs (as distinct from correct use).

- An initial read-through and then edits to each chapter or section sent back to you for review, as each is completed.

- A second read-through of the fully edited draft with further recommendations, if any.

- Additional meeting time, based on mutually agreed upon expectations.

Critique adds:

- A third read-through.

- Advice about gaps in the story line and places where a reader becomes distracted or has to look back in the text for clarity.

- Story arc advice, major editing options, and a more critical thrashing, if you're interested.


Hourly Rate

For clients who want to spend a lot of time talking with me, the rate is €50 per hour. Before I start charging you by the hour, you'll know. We'll try to estimate this before we start. For the most part, I charge based on word count rather than time, because length is predictable and speed is not. However, my time is valuable to me so I will include costs in the quote that ensure I'm not working for peanuts.

If there's anything you were expecting but don't see, please ask