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Getting Started

I want this website to communicate a few things to anyone who visits: 

  1. I'm confident because I'm experienced, and because I know my limits.
  2. You can trust me to be discreet (rather than discrete). 
  3. Your struggle to find the right tone is universal, but I can help.
  4. I love the work that I do.

Writing for yourself or your own project presents a particular challenge. 

When you sit down to write something important, it's easy to get distracted because a sentence feels a little off. Or you're nervous about the way to start a paragraph. Or certain rules pop into your head and you're afraid to break them. 

The hard thing for many of my clients is separating themselves from the writing. Most are so invested in their business or their blog that they are concerned about doing things "the wrong way". That kind of investment is admirable.

When you work on a project that consumes you, or you start your own business and it takes all of your time, how can you keep up a blog? You know how important it is to continue updating your site with keyword rich text that is relevant and provide SEO benefits. But maintaining a blog is a job all its own.

My job is to send you text that is a distillation of your passion and style.

The project or business will be new to me, so I have the distance to make something happen quickly and effectively. When you hire me, I will also have the time to write what needs writing.

Like anything we do, the more writing one does, the easier it gets. Last year I wrote over one million words and edited another two hundred thousand. That is the modest count based on requested numbers, but I always send a little more rather than a little less.

I'm proud of the work I do and I take the time to get things right. Anyone interested in learning more should just get in touch, either via email or by filling out the contact form.