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A Plea: Blog vs. Blog Post

Please, please, please let us stop the trajectory of the misuse of the word 'blog'. I know I'm not alone, nor am I the first, when I say that it is important to know the difference between a blog and a blog post. They are two different things and they deserve to maintain their unique terminology. 

Alas, more and more often I'm seeing the use of the word 'blog' to mean a 'blog post'. People are doing this all the time, everywhere. People who should have a command of the domain are misusing the names of their tools. My concern is that we're going to accept this change the way we somehow accepted the transition of the word 'literal' to mean it's opposite.

As an example of poor use, here's a fictitious request that is exactly like requests I receive:

"I need a blog about the importance of preserving water." 

To me, that sentence is asking for a whole blog about water preservation. I'm thinking of writing posts with topics like, 'Where Our Water Comes From', 'Should We Worry About Water Supply?', 'How to Save Water While Showering' and 'Ways to Water Your Garden as Efficiently as Possible'. 

But that's not what the client wants. They want just 400 words. They want a blog post about the importance of preserving water. Why not ask for a post? It's still just four letters. I'll know what you mean. 

Let's try another example. Would you ever say the words, "I need to write another blog for my blog"? (Please say no.)

Blogging is something people do, many people -ahem- have even blogged about blogging. But when you add another entry to your blog, it's not also called a blog. If you're confused, try this diagram.

I am not against changes to language, termed 'semantic drift'. I happen to know that the word 'blog' comes from the predecessor 'web log' and I think it's a change worth noting, so I use the older (yes, so ancient) version. I don't mind the word blog as a replacement or contraction of 'web log'. I'm willing to adjust my language usage based on the way general usage changes. I've submitted a new definition (not even the first!) for a previously non-existent word to Urban Dictionary (I'm GoGopher in case you'd like to give me a little thumbs up, nudge, nudge).

But not this. There is simply no reason to have dual meanings for the word 'blog'.

Can we please start a campaign to address this? An educational campaign, perhaps? With kindness and information we may yet be able to turn the tide.

If you have a good reason, a logical argument, for why it makes sense to use the word 'blog' when you mean 'post', please let me know.